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95 code in English + preparation for exam (online and face-to-face) 

Contact us +371 28811075  ( in English ).

In accordance with Directive 2003/59 / EK, for professional development of professional drivers and drivers of vehicles, drivers of vehicles of categories D1, D1E, D, DE or C1, C1E, C, CE, which are commercial transportations, every five years is necessary undergo periodic training. 

If you get C category after 9.09.2009 it is obligatory to pass practical and theory exam in the department. For those students we provide intensive online course for preparing for exam (in English). 

For those who opened the C category before 9.09.2009 it is mandatory to pass 5 days face-to-face course. We also provide these classes in English.

What is included:

- Theory in English group 

- Registration fees 

- Teaching materials (+personal student book in English)

- Study card

- Theory exam at School (for those who need to take exam)

- Consultation and guidance at any time 

 Additional costs:

-Medical comission (if it is needed)

-Driving classes (if it is needed) 

- CSDD (Department) fees  

Courses in Periodic Education (95 code) - 35 hours.

The training course consists of 5 modules.

After periodical training a certificate is issued (Code 95).

Certificate validity - 5 years.

95 code theory in English price: 120.00 EUR  160.00 EUR

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