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Start of classes: 08.07.24. - Contact us +371 28811075  ( in English )

Motor vehicles, excluding motorcycles of category A, the gross weight of which does not exceed 3500 kilograms and the number of seats, excluding the driver's seat, does not exceed 8 seats, of this category, the composition of a tractor of this category with a trailer, the gross weight of which does not exceed 750 kilograms. And also a combination of a Category B tractor with a trailer, if the total weight of this combination does not exceed 4250 kilograms and the total weight of the trailer does not exceed the tractor’s own weight.

Age to receive the category: 18 years.

Age at which you can start training: 16 years.

Mandatory driving hours for the CSDD program: 20 hours.

Minimum training period established by CSDD: 5-7 weeks.

To obtain category B, exams are taken: theory and driving.


To open category B rights, you need to do the following:

• take a theory course at a driving school and pass a theory exam;

• take a practical driving course and pass an exam at a driving school;

• obtain a certificate from a medical institution stating that you can drive a car for health reasons;

• take a course on providing first aid to victims;

• successfully pass theory and driving tests at the traffic department.

If you open category B, you automatically get B1, which allows you to drive a tricycle and quadricycle.

B category theory in English:

125.00 EUR 160.00 EUR

45 minutes of driving — from 22 EUR × 20 (amount of obligatory classes, according to the law)  = 440.00 EUR

What is included in the theory price:

- Theory in English group 

- Registration fees 

- Teaching materials 

- Study card

- Theory and Practice exam at School 

- Consultation and guidance at any time 

Additional costs:

-First Aid 

-Medical comission 

-Driving classes 

CSDD (Department) fees: https://www.csdd.lv/viegla-automobila-vaditaja-aplieciba-b/maksajumi

 Contact us +371 28811075  ( in English ).

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